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Request a quote

Want a horse? Canine? Maybe a raccoon or deer? What colours, maybe add horns or big teeth?

Try and describe your design as best as possible. Think about colours, patterns and other design features. Reference art allways helps!

Come to a price

We will make your quote based off the price indication below and let you know what we can do to produce your design.

We will discuss leather colours, your design features and offcoarse the expected delivery time.

Receive invoice

We will send you a invoice per email which you can pay with debit or creditcard, bank transfer, paypal, IDEAL or  BankContact

Once your payment is received we will start production of your hood. 


We will let you know when your hood is finished and show you the end results per email or telegram.


If you are happy with the result we will package your hood and ship it. You can follow it with a tracking code!  



Want a custom hood? Some special features? Then feel free to send us a request and we will be happy to reply with a personalized quote!

We do our best to respond within a few working days.

Thanks for submitting!

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